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4K GoPro QR codes for HERO9-HERO12

4K GoPro QR codes for HERO9-HERO12

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4K GoPro QR codes for Underwater Video. 

For Use With GoPro HERO9, HERO10, HERO11, and HERO12 cameras.  Works with the GoPro Labs firmware.  See below for links and instructions.

The 4K codes have a higher resolution (3840x2160) compared to the 2.7K codes (2704x1520). If you want the higher resolution to edit 4k video or to have much more area to crop in at 1080 workspace, then these codes are for you. 4K/60-120 is more demanding on your computer when editing video. Keep that in mind when you are shooting with the 4k codes. The color profile on these codes is GoPro color, which is really nice for underwater content. No color correction is needed, or you can adjust the colors to create your own look and style.  **The Slow Motion 4K/120 code will not work with the HERO8 and HERO9 cameras. The HERO8 and HERO9 can shoot 2.7k/120. **

Changing GoPro settings underwater has never been easier.  The GoPro QR codes contain the best GoPro camera settings for underwater video.  Just point your GoPro at the QR code, and the settings instantly change to the best underwater camera settings.  Switch from WIDE, NARROW, SLOW MOTION, VIDEO LIGHTS 5500WB, and LINEAR +HORIZONTAL LEVELING in a matter of seconds.  The resolution, lens, frame rate, ISO, color profile, hyper smooth, zoom, white balance, EV, bitrate, sharpness, quick capture, screen saver, display brightness, and hindsight… are all set in the codes.



Wide - This code gives you a wider field of view and is not locked in the horizontal position, so you can get more of a banking/flying feeling in your shot. Do not use the WIDE code with a macro lens, use the NARROW lens. 


Narrow - This code provides a flatter cropped image that has no warped edges in the video.  Very dependable and great for use with a macro lens.  Its nice to switch back and forth between the WIDE / L+HL and the NARROW codes.  Shoot the subject with a WIDE lens, and then closer up with the NARROW lens.  You can edit cuts between these videos. 


Linear & Horizontal Leveling - Your video will remain horizontal with this code up to a 45-degree angle on the camera.  This is great for underwater videography, and will help you create a more stable video.


5500 White Balance - The white balance on this code is locked at 5500K. Use when shooting pelagic life with video lights. It will reduce the red color on the sides of fish, sharks, and white areas on manta rays. Also use snorkeling in shallow water with sharks, dolphins, mantas...etc. 5500K is daylight color and works well at snorkel depth. Auto WB adds too much red into these types of shots. This code will help produce more accurate colors. 


Slow Motion - This code is shooting at 120 frames per second. When played back at 30fps, the effect is really great! Use this for fast moving scenes like your dive buddy jumping into the water, diver bubbles, fast moving fish, macro shots, shark feeding, and anything else you would want to slow down.
**The Slow Motion 4K/120 code will not work with the HERO8 and HERO9 cameras. The HERO8 and HERO9 can shoot 2.7k/120. **


Underwater Color Loss Guide - During your dive, observe and take a video of the Underwater Color Loss Guide. Color loss will constantly change on each dive. Visibility, time of day, depth, and weather conditions all impact colors underwater. The color loss guide will show you what colors exist at your current depth. This is a great way to learn how colors are affected underwater on each dive. Take a video of the color loss and white balance guides at the end of your video. Use this information to help you adjust your colors in post-production.


White Balance Guide - Take a video of this area while diving to understand what the color of white is on your dive. Use this information in post-production to adjust the blues and greens in your video.


Macro Lens Focus - This is the focus range for the Backscatter GoPro Macro Lens.  Anything in the green area will be in focus.  Place the Underwater Video Guide edge to the macro lens to judge the distance of the focus are underwater.  Place the subject of interest within this range to get the perfect shot.


The GoPro QR codes currently only work with the GoPro Labs firmware. We believe this feature will be added in the normal firmware update, but for now, you must install the GoPro Labs Firmware in order for your GoPro to read the QR codes.  The GoPro Labs firmware simply adds more features to your GoPro camera.  It is very easy to install the GoPro Labs firmware.  Just download the firmware and copy it onto your MicroSD card. Place your MicroSD card into your GoPro and turn it on. The firmware will automatically install and you are ready to go.   The GoPro Labs firmware can be found at the "GoPro Labs Firmware" link at the bottom of the web page.  If there is a GoPro camera update, you must reinstall the Labs update after the camera update. 

GoPro camera settings have become increasingly more complicated with each new release of the GoPro HERO lineup.  Frame rates, resolutions, lens options, stabilization options, ISO, EV, hyper smooth setting, color profiles, bitrate, white balance…each setting has an impact on the resulting image of your underwater video.  Simplify the process and concentrate on your dive by using GoPro QR codes. 
The Underwater Video Guide card comes with a wrist lanyard.  A retractable "Gear Keeper Scuba Micro Retractor" is suggested for easier use.  Clip the gear keeper onto your BC and pull the card out to your camera.  Let go and the card retracts back to your BC.

2.7K and 4K PRO Edition Cards

2.7K QR Code Cards:

Keep it simple. 2.7K/60 is easier than 4K/60 to edit 1080/30 videos. 2.7K gives you room to crop within the 1080 workspace, without the computer stress of large files. Most computers can handle 2.7K video editing. It is the sweet spot for resolution and frame rate. If you do not have a powerful video editing computer, then use these codes and make your life simple. The color profile on the 2.7K codes is the GoPro color, which is really nice for underwater content. No color correction is needed, or you can adjust the colors to create your own look and style.


4K PRO QR Code Cards:

The 4K PRO codes are the same as the 4K codes, but they have the FLAT color profile. FLAT is GoPro’s version of RAW. Color grading is needed on your videos taken with the 4k PRO codes. Use these codes if you want complete control over the colors in post-production. Color grading 4K/60-120 is demanding on your computer. These codes work best with a computer that is built for video editing. If you want high resolution and want to color grade your videos, then these codes are for you.

Care Instructions

Waterproof, flexible, and durable. Will stand up to 40-50 dives before showing any kind of wear. Reasonable care recommended for longer life. Store flat and try not to bend the card constantly on every dive.

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